Agile: The Secret Sauce of Innovation

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Tutorial [3 hours]

By distilling the experience of dramatically successful innovators, Laszlo Szalvay has
identified five steps that every organization should adopt and make part of their
DNA. Combining Agile concepts with a new approach to innovation, companies are able to
create surprising breakthroughs in new product creation and development.
Using wide ranging examples, interactive exercises and an engaging discussion style, Laszlo
will give every participant insights that can be immediately applied to re-invigorate and
nourish product innovation.

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OK, I have changed it back to

OK, I have changed it back to be 3 hours. Sorry about the confusion.

this is meant to be 3 hours

There are numerous hands on activities I do.

Is this a tutorial

Did you mean for this to be a 3 hr tutorial or a 35 minute session. From the slides it looks like a 35 minutes session so I will change it. If you disagree, please feel free to change back.


I've done this talk numerous times around the world. I'm quite open to feedback on the slides or if you you have questions on the content. Please just leave a message here and I'll respond quickly.


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