Temporal Collaborative Modeling with GEFGWT

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Standard [35 minutes]

Creating a model in a group of people on the Internet can be difficult. Even if you have voice contact with the collaborators, their comments can get lost when you can’t see where their focus currently is in the model. Evaluating alternatives, and being able to go back and see the reasoning behind them, could also prove difficult with present tools.

The Tempo Model web application is an open source project aiming at making collaborative modeling easier and more efficient. Creating stringent models, such as UML, is not the goal here, but rather the modeling activity in a general sense. The Tempo Model application also brings the concepts of version handling and branching to people who do not normally deal with these concepts, in a natural and intuitive way.

The concepts used in Tempo Model could be applied to a variety of editing tasks such as text editing, layouting etc.

Tempo Model is built on the new GEFGWT technology, bringing the proven Graphical Editing Framework to the web, and uses EMF4GWT for the internal data. We will demo the application and present the design behind it, in order to show how easily a GEF viewer, visualizing an EMF model, can be integrated into a GWT web application.

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