Are you user friendly? Improve your designs and delight your customers with fast and easy user feedback

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Standard [35 minutes]

Sure, you've got the coding thing down pat- but do you have UX? You can! In this presentation, we'll share the benefits and lessons learned from creating and moderating a user community dedicated to discussing usability themes and driving user experience priorities based on actual use and needs. We'll also share some practical usability research tactics and pointers anyone can use to get immediate, actionable user feedback.

User research doesn't always have to be heavyweight or intimidating- let us talk you through it! We'll discuss the fundamentals, such as identifying your target audience, maintaining a non-biased attitude (even when you're getting feedback on your own work!), and uncovering the 'why' behind user requests. We'll also let you in on some easily run methods from our own UX toolkit, developed to enable quality user research quickly and within strict development schedules. You don't have to be a UX practitioner to get good user feedback- you'll come away from this presentation armed with the knowledge to drive your own quick and dirty UX research, enabling you to immediately improve and inform your own designs and delight your customers.

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April de Vries, a User Experience Engineer at IBM, manages usability activities and deliverables for an enterprise quality management product. Her day-to-day work includes conducting usability research and creating user-centered design deliverables, extensive cross-functional collaboration, and transforming client feedback into actionable user experience, design, and development work.

April's academic background includes a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communication and an MS in Human Factors in Information Design, both from Bentley University outside Boston, MA.

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27 March 10:30 - 11:05
Beacon Hill 1


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+1 sounds very interesting.

+1 sounds very interesting.

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