Shake that FUD; How to migrate your Eclipse 3 legacy code to Eclipse 4

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Standard [35 minutes]

You have been working with Eclipse 3 RCP since 2007 or so. The platform has been very good to you and this has resulted in a number of applications. Although it had been announced for a few years, it still came as a surprise that parts of the trustworthy API is now considered legacy.

You have heard about the model based Application Platform, Dependency Injection, the Rendering Engine and all that. You don't know exactly how it works yet but it sounds really cool and useful.

Your biggest concern at the moment is what to do with your old code. Can you keep using it as it is? Do you need to do a major code conversion? Is it just as rich as the old RCP? What if you just do plug-in development or have an RCP application that embeds a lot of platform code, like editors or the debugger?

Your fear is that your current code base will be useless when Eclipse 3 API will no longer be supported.
You are uncertain that it is possible to get your code to Eclipse 4 in a reasonable way.
You have doubt that the new way of working can be adopted by you without major hassle.

We will present an existing Eclipse 3 application that has been converted to Eclipse 4. We will use your existing 3.x expertise to show the new way of working. Then we will analyze the conversion of the old application to Eclipse 4. Step by Step.

After the talk you can leave your FUD in the room. We will make sure to call FUD.dispose();

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26 March 17:00 - 18:00


Eclipse 4
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One hour

We have allocated your talk to a one hour time slot. Since you had hoped to have two 35 minute sessions, this compromise should give you enough time to go into detail.

Re: one part

Sure. But we could be much more substantial in 2 slots.

One part?

If we don't have room to accept both parts, how would you feel about doing this in one talk slot?

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