Eclipse 4.x: Tips on API best practices for a 3.x plugin running on both platforms

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Standard [35 minutes]

Eclipse 4.x is based on the Eclipse4 technology and supports the 3.x workbench API through use of the compatibility layer. But some 3.x APIs are more architecturally compatible with Eclipse 4 than others. This talk will touch on 3.x API patterns that are similar to the Eclipse 4 APIs, with lessons learned from the consumption of 4.2 in Juno.

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27 March 10:30 - 11:05


Eclipse 4
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That would be out of scope

That would be out of scope for this talk, as its focus is writing 3.x plugins with patterns that hold up well in the 4.x Workbench.

Maybe we can extend this talk

Maybe we can extend this talk to describe how to use the new programming model for IDE plug-in development?

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