Advanced Eclipse 4 Application Platform - not for the weak-hearted

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Tutorial [3 hours]

This tutorial will be doing a deep dive into e4. We expect you are very familiar with EAP and have worked with it since some time already because we'll take a close look below the surface.

We'll dig into the technical low level and look how the DI engine works, so that we can exploit it by creating custom annotations and using context functions and other advanced injection concepts like re-injection and RunAndTracks.

Naturally we will work on custom renderers for SWT and take a look at completely different rendering engines like the JavaFX and Vaadin ones and how they are approaching the translation of the application model into an UI. We will extend the default application model and show you how to render them and extend the tooling editor to edit the new model elements.

So this is OUR proposal but this tutorial is for YOU so if you have none beginner stuff to discuss we'll try to look at them all together. It's quite likely that others are interested in this and simply have been afraid to ask.

Even if you are not an e4 guru you are still welcome to see what is possible with this new platform. You can be sure there will be something you will take away and exploit for your own needs.

So whether you want to satisfy your unanswered "How does this @Inject thing work ?" questions or want a deep technical tour and see the new Eclipse platform taken to extreme levels this tutorial is for you.

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25 March 13:00 - 16:00


Eclipse 4
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Looks great, everything I

Looks great, everything I always wondered about. Could this session be recorded on video ?

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