Developing mobile applications with Eclipse Scout

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Standard [35 minutes]

With the growing popularity of mobile devices accessing business critical data, the demand for user interfaces optimized for mobile devices is getting more and more important. Today, the technologies we choose for desktop applications and mobile phones are often completely different. This leads to the situation that (at least the presentation layer of) a given functionality will be implemented multiple times. Once for desktop and once for a mobile device. This means that additional developers are involved or existing developers need to master additional languages and frameworks.

This is where Eclipse Scout comes into play. "Write once, run anywhere" [1] is not only a slogan to illustrate the platform independency of the Java programming language but also applies to user interfaces of Scout applications. The multi-frontend capability of Eclipse Scout enables applications to be run on the desktop, and based on RAP [2] in the browser and on tablet and mobile devices. For this, the code only needs to be written once with Scout. With its single Java codebase approach, there is no need to learn new languages like Objective-C or JavaScript or even new programming paradigms.

In this presentation we will demonstrate the mobile support of Eclipse Scout. We will introduce an existing desktop application that is going to be transformed and optimized for the use with a mobile and a tablet device.

[1] a slogan created by Sun Microsystem
[2] Remote Application Platform

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27 March 11:15 - 11:50
Beacon Hill 1


Mobile Development
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Thanks for the note. I

Thanks for the note. I updated the abstract with the correct reference.

RAP name change

Note that RAP now stands for "Remote Application Platform". You have the wrong/old acronym in your abstract. See:

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