Xtext for Beginners

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Are you bored of writing boilerplate code? Are you drowning in XML files? Do you have to verify every single change with long running integration tests?

Xtext is here to your rescue. Xtext makes it easy to build a domain specific language that is tailored to your projects and provides the best notation to describe your program’s structure and behavior. Code generation allows to integrate frameworks and languages that seemed unbridgeable before. Developing becomes fun again, since Xtext provides a smart editor for your language. Turnaround times speed up again since many errors can be detected by the editor, before they break tests or make customers unhappy.

This tutorial does not require any prior knowledge about Xtext. You will learn in which scenarios you can benefit from using Xtext. You will gain hands-on experience during exercises covering all aspects of Xtext that you need to achieve your personal breakthrough. This includes defining a grammar, resolving references, and implementing validation rules and code generators.

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25 March 09:00 - 12:00


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