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Standard [35 minutes]

Imagine, you have a RCP application and you want your users only to install additional plug-ins you've selected and tested previously? No problem, you could use the Eclipse Marketplace ( But there's one problem. Everyone can add solutions. Are the solutions compatible with your own RCP application? You can't be sure unless you've tested them. But you can't control the list of available plug-ins in the Eclipse Marketplace. Hence, an own marketplace is needed. Eclipse makes it possible to add additional marketplaces to an own application.

  • But how to implement such a marketplace server?

The information shared between the marketplace and the RCP application is based on XML. Therefore, each language that supports the processing of XML can be used. Tom Seidel offers an implementation of such a marketplace based on J2EE ( But you can't use it unless you have a root server. That's why I would like to show, how to implement an own marketplace server based on PHP and MySQL. I'll focus on the necessary formats and the required integration in an own application. The following issues will be highlighted:

  • Format of the request (RCP -> Marketplace)
  • Specification of the response (Marketplace -> RCP)

An example of its feasibility is the marketplace of OpenChrom (

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Whoops, no both sessions are

Whoops, no both sessions are proposed to be a standard talk of 35 minutes.

Is this a tutorial


Did you intend for this to be a 3 hour tutorial? I just wanted to check to make sure it was the correct session type. Your other session proposal seems to be a tutorial too.

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