OSGi server runtimes - build, borrow or buy?

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Standard [35 minutes]

Enterprise OSGi is a new and growing area within enterprise software. The OSGi Enterprise specifications cover a wide range of useful technologies, and there are lots of implementations appearing across Eclipse, Apache and elsewhere. Obviously choice is a great thing, but the explosive growth of Enterprise OSGi has left many people confused about how to integrate these projects with each other.

There are a number of different Enterprise OSGi platforms available. Eclipse Virgo, Apache Geronimo, Glassfish and WebSphere all support some form of Enterprise OSGi applications. But which solution should you choose, and why? What about projects like Apache Karaf, and products like the Paremus Service Fabric? Might it be better to build your own runtime solution from existing components?

In this talk I will give a detailed comparison of what features you get in various OSGi server runtimes, and what your options are if you decide you need (or just want!) to build your own server runtime. I will also show how the modular nature of OSGi makes it possible to integrate heterogeneous offerings from multiple providers into a single working whole.

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28 March 11:45 - 12:20


OSGi DevCon
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Great subject for a talk! You may find the feature comparison for the Virgo deliverables useful. Please note that Virgo Nano Web 3.6.0 is adding full support for Java EE Web Profile applications and should ship in 4Q12.

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