Bootstrapping Android Apps with Open Source

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Standard [35 minutes]

As the general quality of Android apps grow, the pressure on developers to deliver an amazing experience also increases. Learn how to empower development by leveraging the efforts of the open source community rather than become overwhelmed under the requirements of a new application.

Application development is becoming an increasingly complex process. Providing the latest widgets and UI patterns, dependency injection and state management, interacting with RESTful APIs, and choosing the right combination of helper classes is a full-time job--and we haven't even begun to get to the content and styling of your app. Thankfully various companies and individuals provide a myriad of libraries to alleviate this burden so that you can maximize the amount of time spent on providing the best user experience.

This talk will highlight a handful of free libraries from Square which will accelerate and simplify app development. The motivations behind each library, its benefits and limitations, and code examples in real-world usages will be covered. At the conclusion of this talk, we will have covered a foundation for building a solid, well-tested application.

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26 March 14:15 - 14:50


Mobile Development
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Library details

It would be nice to include some specific library names in your abstract.

What be great to have Jake

What be great to have Jake speaking at EclipseCon. Jake is very famous in the Android worlds for his Android library work.

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