Visualizing Community: The Eclipse Social Code Graph Revealed

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Standard [35 minutes]

Visualizing Community: Eclipse’s Social Code Graph Revealed Speaker: Miles Parker

A hot topic among the Open Source Software (OSS) Community is community diversity. But can you really put a number on diversity? Quantifiers like commit statistics exist, but they miss the magic – those intangible qualities that make a community thrive. Sometimes a picture can tell the best story, and visualizations allow us to see the relationships between people, organizations and activities in all their complexity and richness.

Some of you may have seen the visualizations at Mik Kersten's keynote last year depicting the evolution of the Mylyn community and live explorations of the Eclipse social code graph. We'll show many more compelling examples of our community in action, and dive deeper into social network analysis of key ecosystems, revealing areas of strength as well as emerging challenges.

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