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Stack roulette - 180 runtimes in 180 minutes!

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Tutorial [3 hours]

OSGi is a mature and popular technology. One natural consequence of this is that users of OSGi technology can take advantage of a wide range of features, each with a number of available implementations. While even the basic OSGi platform has multiple implementations, the OSGi Compendium and Enterprise specifications dramatically increased the richness of the OSGi ecosystem, and also the number of potential implementation-combinations.

Given that there are so many options, how can you work out which bits will work together, and which bits won't? Surely building your own runtime is so complicated that it needs to be left to an expert integrator! In fact, thanks to OSGi's modularity, building your own stack is actually not as hard as you might think. In this tutorial we help you to build your own stack from your own selection of components, and to keep things interesting you will also be picking the components that the speakers have to use to build their stack!

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25 March 13:00 - 16:00


OSGi DevCon
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