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Creating feature-rich EMF applications in a breeze: from start to finish in 30 minutes of coding

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Tutorial [3 hours]

With the advent of E4, the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is right at the heart of every modern RCP application. From the developer’s perspective, EMF provides a nice and robust data representation layer that you can embed into your apps (like it is done in E4), and - combined with state-of-the-art stuff such as Xtext - it can also be used for building effective developer tools to auto-generate much of the source code of your app.

In practice, building on EMF alone is often not enough: real-world applications need more than elementary API functions to create and update views on a user interface, perform validation checks, or visualize models using 2D (or even 3D) graphics. All of these features are supported by model queries that work just like SQL but in a “model-compatible” way.

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