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Dan Rubel
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Software Developer
Dart (http://dartlang.org), Mindstorms & FLL (http://firstlegoleague.org/), (http://firstlegoleague.org/challenge/foodfactorrobotgame)

Dan Rubel is an entrepreneur and an expert in the design and application of object-oriented technologies with more than 20 years of commercial software development experience, including 14 years of experience with Java and ten years with Eclipse. Currently he is working on Dart Editor (http://dartlang.org) as part of the Dart team at Google. Prior to working at Google, he was the primary architect and product manager for several successful commercial products including RCP Developer and WindowTester, and has played key design and leadership roles in other commercial products such as WindowBuilder Pro, VA Assist, and CodePro Studio. He has co-founded a successful company, co-authored the Eclipse Plug-ins book and the Eclipse GEF book, and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. Some of the more recent 10+ presentations made include:

Building e4 Plug-ins
by Dan Rubel and Eric Clayberg, EclipseCon 2010,

Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins,
by Dan Rubel and Eric Clayberg, EclipseCon 2009,

RAP vs GWT - Which AJAX Technology is for You?,
by Dan Rubel and Mark Russell, EclipseCon 2008,

Co-Author: "Eclipse Plug-ins" (3rd Edition),
Addison Wesley, Dec 2008. ISBN: 0-321-55346-2

Co-Author: "Eclipse GEF",
Addison Wesley, Aug 2011. ISBN: 0-321-71850-X


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