Win Friends and Influence People...with DSLs

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Standard [35 minutes]

This is our story about introducing Domain Specific Languages into an organization to get things done better and faster. We are focusing on what you need to know when you run a project that uses DSLs. Come and learn how to make it work!

We started introducing DSLs into a development organization with the goal of improving speed and quality of development. In our journey, we started with Eclipse Modeling Framework and Xtext as the tools for our DSL development. The DSLs, their tools and approaches caused numerous shifts in the way how we developed. The changes were not only technological: necessary changes occurred at the software process level, roles on the team, and communication with management. We had to rethink and adapt agile practices to make them work well in the DSL development. We will discuss practices and patterns that worked well, and antipatterns in DSL development. We conclude with "7 Habits of Successful DSL Projects".


• The beginning: the new system!
• DSL Eclipse tools: EMF and Xtext
• Development process and DSLs
• Agile development and DSLs
• Changes in the process
• Obstacles and misconceptions
• The real problems
• People and roles on a DSL project
• DSL and managers
• Patterns of DSL development
• Antipatterns (and how to avoid them)
• 7 Habits of Successful DSL Projects

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28 March 15:00 - 15:45
Lake Thoreau


Domain Specific Language
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