There and Back Again – as Quick as a Flash

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Standard [35 minutes]

The CDO framework has become one of the most versatile frameworks to scale, share, and store your models. This talk concentrates on the model persistence layer of CDO.

In the past years, the possibilities of persisting an EMF model have grown to about a dozen (including the MongoDB, Hibernate, and OODB stores, as well as the native DBStore with its various mapping strategies). The talk presents an overview over all of these different CDO Store implementations. It will also describe the internal object mapping strategies and mechanisms, and the consequences regarding reading and writing performance. In addition, this talk will present the different CDO parameters and API calls which can be used to tweak performance at the client side (e.g., by using object prefetching and lazy loading strategies).

This talk is for you, if you are looking for an efficient way to store your model in a database (be it SQL, NoSQL, or OODB) or if you have been using CDO before and want to learn about possible speedup options. As usual, selecting the strategy which is right for you heavily depends on your application. This talk will help you selecting the persistence option which fits your needs best. To achieve this, you will be provided with an in-depth view of the different possibilities to fine-tune the CDO model persistence framework.

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29 March 14:15 - 15:00
Lake Thoreau


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