Successful PaaS and CI in the Cloud

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Standard [35 minutes]

Using Infrastructure as a Service in the cloud is a no-brainer for every startup today, and increasingly in the enterprise. On-demand, self-service access to compute power, disk, and network resources has a profound influence on the behavior of a development team and their ability to produce solutions. They can get their work out faster, and to do so, they are increasingly turning to Continuous Integration (CI) as the backbone of Application Lifecycle Management.

Beyond the benefit of running in the cloud, CI becomes much more than a tool for driving builds and tests, especially when CI is combined with the facilities of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) -- hosted runtimes and multi-tenant cloud services, elastic scaling and resource consumption, integrated ecosystem offerings, simple configuration-based QoS choices. In this session, we will examine how a CI server benefits from running in the cloud (or on virtual machines), challenges and lessons learned in such environments and other large deployments, and how people have solved them, by looking at concrete examples from our own DEV@cloud and others. We’ll then look at the techniques PaaS+CI enables, such as automated deployment to staging and testing, pre-tested promotion to production, and better visualization and accurate audit trails.

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