StoryTouch - an RCP app for movie script writing

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Standard [35 minutes]

This talk will present the story of Story Touch (, a novel scriptwriting software developed on Eclipse RCP for brazilian based O2 Filmes, South America's largest movie producer. From this project we derived an open source plugin for a WYSIWYG text widget that extends SWT's StyledText.

Story Touch's development process took over 4 years using agile methodologies. The first version was released after just 2 weeks of the beginning of the project evolving to a full featured product ready to compete with the industry's standard solution.

We will show how we helped our client shape his ideas into an unprecedented tool that gives the power of dramaturgy analysis to script writers.
We will share our difficulties and show how we used RCP technologies like StyledText, dynamic ContributionItems and P2 to build a complete desktop solution with an awesome WYSIWYG text editor, with features like pages, zoom, printing, line counting (with soft-wrap), variable margins and other the standard features you expect. We have also released this text editor as an open source plugin to give back to this wonderful community.

The attendants will better understand how to use the full potential of RCP to explore new industries and provide them with professional solutions.

You will learn from our mistakes and understand how to best use features like auto-updates and bug reporting to keep your customers satisfied. We will share our knowledge of applying agile practices like TDD, automated functional tests, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Story Touch is an RCP application which is updated to the customer base nightly, it has had over a thousand versions built in its lifetime.

Since it's launch in March 2011 it reached over two thousand customers and is just starting to be promoted in the US. A longer version of this talk was awarded the early bird choice of the organizers for Europe's EclipseCon2011.

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