Scaling agility: Drinking our ALM Champagne (presented by IBM)

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Sponsored [35 minutes]

Prove it. That's what the Jazz team said to themselves in 2008, when they
embarked on a journey to create an ALM solution that also provided the
world's first OSLC implementations. Not only was the team proving that the
OSLC specifications would work, they were also proving they could integrate
the data and tools across traditional software development boundaries. This
solution included scaling beyond development to include rich requirements
elaboration and independent test teams. And it is done in the open, with
the team self-hosting on milestone builds through out the development
process. It is also done in parallel with the development of the OSLC

As the team grew and improved in their ability to
collaborate across traditional role boundaries, a set of clarifying
principles began to emerge. We call these the 5 Imperatives for successful
ALM. The imperatives focus on practices for real-time planning, in-context
collaboration, lifecycle traceability, development intelligence and
continuous improvement.

This talk will introduce each imperative and
demonstrate how the team uses the solution to meet the imperative. Each
imperative will be grounded in real world examples, with screen captures
taken directly off our public development site. This talk complements Scott and Adrian Cho's talk: "10 Years of Agile from Open Source Eclipse to Open
Commercial Jazz"

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28 March 10:30 - 11:15
Lake Anne


Agile ALM
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