Rich Client Platform for Synchrotron Science

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Standard [35 minutes]

A presentation about eclipse software for creating workflows and pipelines graphically using GMF. The workflow engine is based on Ptolemy 2 and features components called 'actors' which can be added via eclipse extension points. The presentation will concern how these features have been used in recent synchrotron science experiments and show how this software can be reused in wider areas requiring real time graphically designed pipelines.

This approach has been used at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, ESRF, to run beamline experiments and link them with analysis software. One experiment for instance is in an area of science called macro-molecular crystallography. The model incorporates moving motors for data collection in the synchrotron experimental hutch and then running analysis packages on the images of the crystal on a powerful cluster. The software is now beginning to be available at Diamond Light Source in the UK.

The workflow engine, Ptolemy 2, is a general purpose multi-threaded pipe-lining tool which can be used to link components together in efficient multi-threaded pipelines. The graphical layer is straight GEF however the model layer is replaced with a Ptolemy 2 model for development of computationally efficient algorithms.

The talk will consist of a demonstration of this platform and how scientists get value from it but also how people in other areas can use this software.

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