R4E: Code and Model Reviews made easy

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Standard [35 minutes]

Nowadays, code reviews have become an integral part of application development and life cycle management. Based on a framework developed under the Mylyn umbrella, Review for Eclipse (R4E) is an Eclipse review tool that is powerful, yet intuitive to use and very flexible.  It can be used to perform efficient code and model reviews across many different development environments.

In this presentation, we will expand on:

  • Why review code anyways. How does code review fit in the ALM flow, and why use R4E for it
  • The Mylyn Reviews sub-project and its various review tools available: R4E, Gerritt Connector. Their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses
  • The Mylyn Versions sub-project and R4E support for version control systems, Git and SVN connectors, and extensibility of the Mylyn Versions
  • How to use R4E, what can be reviewed with it, the review types supported (Basic, Informal and Formal IEEE 1028-2008 compliant Reviews) and its other core features (LDAP and E-Mail connectors, BIRT reports).
  • R4E Integration with JDT, CDT and extensibility to other specialized code editors.
  • How R4E interfaces with the Mylyn Tasks component.
  • Reviewing models with R4E and integration of Egit Logical Models, Papyrus/EMF compare and the Mylyn Context Bridge for EMF based models
  • What's in the pipeline: The evolution of R4E and the features planned and under development

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27 March 15:00 - 15:45
Lake Audubon


Agile ALM
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