Program, thou shalt behave!

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Standard [35 minutes]

Imagine that users could use prose to describe how your software should behave and you could turn such a description into an executable acceptance test with just a few simple steps. Jnario is a new tool that lets you describe the behavior of software in a business-readable, domain-specific language similar to Gherkin and makes it easy to enrich this description with the required code for execution. Thus Jnario helps you to guide your software development, to use automated tests and to generate documentation from specifications.

Using behavior specifications to guide software development (behavior driven development) is an established approach when developing in Ruby or Scala, which feature frameworks such as RSpec-2, Cucumber and specs2. Unfortunately, due to syntactic limitations, no efficient solution for Java exists as yet. With the advent of Xtext and Xbase it is possible to overcome these syntactic limitations by creating concise DSLs without syntactic overhead that are fully integrated into the Java ecosystem. Furthermore, having an Xtext based solution brings with it the great Eclipse editor with its powerful features and seamless Java integration.

In this session you will see Jnario in action. This includes:

  • Learn how to write executable specifications that everyone can understand
  • Learn how Jnario helps to create code that does what it should and not more
  • Experience the power of Xtext and Xbase when it comes to creating DSLs that are fully integrated into the Java ecosystem

Jnario’s first main release will be available in the near future.

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28 March 11:15 - 12:00
Lake Thoreau


Domain Specific Language
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