Persona Non Grata - Don't forget the users when doing your designs!

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Standard [35 minutes]

Who's your user? Do you really know? Can you make a good guess?

Pinning down some user characteristics using persona development techniques can save you time and money by offering a window into the minds of your potential users. More than that, by naming these individuals and making them actual pseudo-people, you have an easy point of reference you can come back to again and again.

We'll talk about a few ways to approach creating these virtual folks, how to use them, how JBoss/Red Hat is using them, as well as some great resources to use along the way. When you're designing something you can then ask "Would Bob the software engineer like this?" or "Would Sarah the end-user like this?"

In an age where time is money, design and development options are plentiful, and getting it right the first time is more important than ever, it helps to have a few techniques in your bag of tricks that will work regardless of what technologies you're using.

Don't forget to bring a use case or two for discussion - we'll open the floor and see what a room of bright engineers can do to help!

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