News from Git in Java Land

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Standard [35 minutes]

Curious what's new in the Java Git ecosystem? Want to know more about the state of Git in the ALM space?

What's new with JGit and EGit 1.2 shipping right before the new year and what is planned for the 1.3 release with Indigo SR2?
We'll demo some of the new features and give an outlook on the Juno release next summer.

We'll also show some new stuff coming with the next Gerrit code review release, its Eclipse integration shipping with Mylyn Reviews and what improvements were made around workflows using the GitHub Mylyn connector.

The JGit project ecosystem has grown significantly in the last year as it prepares to take over the Enterprise. Several new and exiting JGit technologies will be discussed and demonstrated such as Gitblit, a new JGit based replacement for GitWeb, as well as JGit's support for serving repositories stored on distributed filesystems.

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Agile ALM
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