A Modular and Extensible OSGi Shell

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Standard [35 minutes]

Equinox shell is dead, long live Equinox shell!

Equinox has always had a default command line console – a very limited one actually. You’ve certainly faced this if you ever had to deal with a customer system with a telnet-only connection. And what about ssh? So far that was just a dream. Things are changing… and that’s the focus of this talk.

Equinox Juno is coming with a brand new shell which overcomes most of the limitations you’ve faced before. Since M3 it is a part of the Equinox SDK.

Join our session to find out what you’ll be able to do with Equinox once Juno gets released! The new Equinox shell is based on Apache Felix Gogo. Gogo is the reference implementation of RFC 147, which is the Command Line Interface specification in OSGi. The new shell builds upon the features of Gogo shell, enriching them with ssh support and JAAS based user authentication, better telnet connectivity, command line editing. And what is more, it is easy to extend the shell by plugging additional functionality.

All these features are already adopted in the Virgo Web Server since its 3.0.0 RELEASE. The talk will also cast light on this usage which is even more curious as Virgo runs two instances of the shell on top of one Equinox framework.

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29 March 10:15 - 11:00
Lake Thoreau


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