Making Eclipse Our Own: Customizing the Eclipse Experience for Development, QA, and Support (presented by Perforce)

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Sponsored [35 minutes]

Perforce has a small and passionate Java team working on our portfolio of Java products. This team uses a tool stack with Eclipse at its core and other tools familiar to the Java Community, including Mylyn, Ant and Maven. Over the past several years, this team has learned how to customize and scale the Eclipse IDE to suit an Agile development environment used by Engineers, QA and our Tech Support team.

In this presentation, Nellie LeMonier, User Experience Designer, and Randy DeFauw, Technical Marketing Manager, will describe how Eclipse makes Perforce’s Java team more productive. Eclipse, particularly for our Java developers, becomes the centerpiece of daily work. This direct experience influences how Perforce builds its own tools for Eclipse.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Eclipse helps Development and QA manage daily Scrum tasks
  • The visual perspectives that help developers collaborate
  • The tools in Eclipse that facilitate code review and inspection
  • How a product renaming nightmare was easily managed using refactoring
  • How Support uses Eclipse to become more proficient with Perforce’s Java products

Who Should Attend

  • Eclipse users interested in a more productive working experience
  • Team leads looking to leverage Eclipse as a premier development tool for the entire software life cycle

Schedule info

Time slot: 
27 March 15:00 - 15:45
Lake Anne


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