The Jubula Tutorial: Round 3

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Tutorial [3 hours]

At the last two Eclipse Cons (US and EU 2011), the Jubula tutorial has been fully booked / oversubscribed. The reviews and feedback for rounds one and two have been good.

If you missed rounds one and two, this is your chance to learn how to write intelligent and robust automated acceptance / regression tests with Jubula. If you want to make sure your customer can work with the software as he wants to or needs to, then it's important to make sure you get as much information from the customer perspective as possible; frequently and early on.

Jubula's main principles are:

  1. Allow the whole team to automate tests (not just those who are expert programmers)
  2. Write readable tests using an intuitive drag and drop approach that means that tests can be written even before the software us available
  3. Stick to the best practices we know from software development to make sure that the tests are easy to maintain.

Participants will learn how to actually write automated tests with Jubula, and will also learn useful tips about making tests maintainable (because change happens) and just paranoid enough to deal with things that might go wrong.

This tutorial is aimed at testers, developers and test managers who are interested in functionally testing their applications. We’ll cover test creation, execution and analysis with Jubula for an example application and talk about test design for flexibility and maintenance.

Participants should come with a laptop where Jubula and the sample projects are already installed. A full information pack is available at the Eclipse Jubula forum ( If you experience any problems setting up the tutorial environment please post your questions in that forum thread.

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26 March 13:00 - 16:00
Lake Anne A


Agile ALM
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