It's Raining Bytes: Scaling p2 Using the Cloud

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Standard [35 minutes]

Many Eclipse projects have a common theme: an extensible platform with exemplary tools. The Eclipse provisioning platform, p2, is no different. While the update mechanism in Eclipse is the most notable p2 solution, p2 is actually architected as highly extensible platform on which other provisioning solutions can be built.

The Yoxos distribution -- which has been shipping Eclipse content since 2005 -- is built entirely on p2. In 2011, Yoxos pulled together more than 30,000 Eclipse plug-ins, and served over 500,000 request using a variety of Amazon Cloud Technologies.

In this talk, we will outline how we leveraged p2 to:

o Compute the dependencies for over 2000 Eclipse components on 8 different platforms
o Provided fast access to over 10,000 p2 Installable Units (IUs)
o Organized over 19G worth of Eclipse plug-ins for download using CloudFont
o Enabled users to quickly switch between different EPP Packages for their daily work

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28 March 16:15 - 17:00
Lake Thoreau


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