"It is the Agile Transformation, Stupid!"

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Standard [35 minutes]

We are witnessing the rapid convergence of three market trends:

  • Markets are becoming hyper-segmented;
  • Moreover, they are becoming fleetingly transient;
  • And, a growing number of prosumers -individual or entities who both produce and consume- exists in the value chains that cater to the needs of such markets

Each one of these three trends is significant. The combination of all three is transformative.

Traditionally, the Agile movement responded to change by “merging” two strands: development and testing. Doing so enabled testing to start before development was complete, and testing informed development through tight feedback loops. This enabled faster/earlier delivery and a better end result. Numerous companies that merged the two strands attained significant benefits in quality, productivity and time-to-market.

Successful that the traditional Agile approach was during the past decade, it is not sufficient to address markets characterized by hyper-segmentation, transiency and prosumers. One needs to respond to the needs of such markets by simultaneously implementing Agile at three levels:

  • The level at which development and testing merge
  • The level at which strategy and delivery merge
  • The level at which problem and solution merge

This presentation will convey the details you need to know about how to do so. It will give you the blueprint for rolling end-to-end Agile in a manner that takes into account new market realities without compromising tried and true Agile tenets.

Speaker: Israel Gat, Cutter Consortium Fellow and Director, Cutter Consortium

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28 March 11:15 - 12:00
Lake Audubon


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