How to train the JDT dragon

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Tutorial [3 hours]

The JDT exposes APIs and extension points to enable you to extend and customize the Java tooling. In this tutorial you will write a plug-in that uses some of these APIs to create a few quick fixes, a cleanup, customize content assist and gather statistics for your project. In the process, you will learn about the AST, Java Model, bindings and other things that make JDT so cool.

While API and extension points provide a wealth of options, they can never serve all possible scenarios. Here the tutorial will teach you how to use Object Teams for customizations beyond the paved road of APIs and extension points -- learn how to shift gears to go off-road, yet with style.

So bring your laptop with a working install of Eclipse (SDK 3.8 M6 + OTDT) and JDK 7 on it to get your hands dirty by extending the JDT.

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26 March 09:00 - 12:00
Lake Anne B


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