How Polarsys addresses Long Term Support and develops the ecosystem of Eclipse tools for Critical Embedded Systems

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Standard [35 minutes]

The Polarsys Industrial Working Group addresses specific issues of Industrial Users who create Embedded Software with long life cycles:

  • The software embedded in a spatial mission needs to be supported for more than 25 years in response to the lifetime of the mission.
  • The software embedded in an aircraft flight command system must be "certified" according to safety standards, including the tooling used to produce this software.

Thus, during the whole life-cycle of the product, those Software users need maturity assessment and long lasting support for their tooling.

These concerns are also relevant in other safety regulated environments like railway or energy, and also for other domains with long life products like telco.

We tell you the story of Polarsys, and provide you with insights from Polarsys members in a panel with service providers and software users. We will describe how we implement such long term availability and maturity assessment for Eclipse tools.

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