Get ready to fight your technical debt, with Tycho, Sonar, and Jacoco

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Standard [35 minutes]

So Tycho won the war of build engines, right?
With it comes all the power of Maven and the seamless integration with CI engines.
It's not time to rest yet: go ahead and put your build on steroids to make developer life easier and software quality better.
Analyzing complexity, code coverage, coding rules and the whole technical debt is no longer a nightmare (remember PDE builds!) from the developer side to the product manager one.
You're satisfied with your Tycho build? Boost it to leverage the power of Sonar, Jacoco and Hudson/Jenkins.

Developers and product managers, come to this talk (even better with your own Tycho build!) to see what are the few remaining steps to put your project on the rails of continuous improvement; making it welcoming and safe.

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