A Fresh Look at Graphical Editing

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Standard [35 minutes]

The Eclipse ecosystem offers a variety of frameworks that help you building a simple graphical editor. Nevertheless, implementing a complete graphical tool usually takes a lot more effort.

In this session I will elaborate the fundamental issues that arise from the mere fact that a diagram should be editable. It is astonishing how simple it gets when dropping the editor in favor of a read-only view. As a proof of concept I am going to demonstrate a new generic graphical view framework.

This framework that is configured using two domain specific languages: One for defining the mapping and the other for styling the graphical elements. Both languages embed the new expression language Xbase in their cores and are interpreted at runtime. The framework is very flexible: It allows to visualize all kinds of Java object graphs, can easily be changed at runtime, and enables switching and styling of the Draw2D-based figure objects directly.

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