Experiences from porting a commercial RCP application to Eclipse 4.x

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Standard [35 minutes]

With 4.x becoming the main Eclipse platform, now is the time to start planning the migration of your existing 3.x RCP applications. In this talk we will share the experiences we made when porting a commercial RCP application. The application is a project planning tool using an EMF based domain model and GEF for implementing its visual editor.

During the talk we will compare the two approaches we took:

  1. Straightforward porting using the compatibility layer with minimal changes, but with the added capabilities, such as styling with CSS and using dependency injection.
  2. Re-architect the application to get the most out of the new interesting capabilities introduced in Eclipse 4.x, modeling the UI from scratch and utilizing the new application services.

We will share lessons learned - gains, pitfalls, tradeoffs and limitations etc. We will demo the application in its various stages of migration and go through some of the interesting code changes.

Slides attached and also available at:

Github repo with code with some of the techniques used in our migrated tool:


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Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4
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