Experiences from Building the Fastest OSGi Container on the Planet

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Standard [35 minutes]

What is the fastest OSGi container? Felix or Equinox? Neither! The fastest OSGi container is Netbinox! But then, how do you measure how fast an OSGi container is, anyway?
The NetBeans project adopted OSGi in its 6.9 release. Now, NetBeans Platform applications can choose from running on top of Felix or Equinox. During work on version 7.0, we concentrated on optimizing the speed of startup, especially daily morning launch. This kind of start, when all OS I/O caches are completely empty is very important for large desktop applications. By joining the the performance optimizations done to improve NetBeans IDE startup and Equinox we can start JDeveloper about 30% faster than plain Equinox could.
Hacking around OSGi container internals? Planning to embbed Felix or Equinox in your framework? Join us to learn how to do that effectively!

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