e(fx)clipse - Eclipse Tooling and Runtime for JavaFX

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Standard [35 minutes]

e(fx)clipse is a projects which provides:

  • Eclipse Tooling to author JavaFX-Applications using the Eclipse IDE. The tooling leverages available Eclipse Projects like:
    • Xtext: To implement a CSS-Editor and a DSL which can be used to author fxml-Files
    • JDT+PDE: To write OSGi-enabled JavaFX applications
  • Runtime components for JavaFX-Application. The runtime provides components to make JavaFX runnable in Equinox as OSGi-container and leverages the Eclipse 4 Application Platform as core component to get support for a central application model and Dependency Injection

We will introduce the audience to this tooling platform, describe how the custom DSL works and integrates into JDT and PDE. In the second step we'll show and explain how the runtime component can be used to write OSGi based applications using the e4 application model, dependency inject and OSGi services.

I regularly blog about e(fx)clipse and the sources are available under EPL from my github repository

Slides are here on my blog.

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