The Eclipse Virgo Experience at CME Group

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Standard [35 minutes]

Whether you're just starting or already in the middle of your next OSGi project, you ought to make mistakes. Mistakes are important in the learning process, but who says you need to make mistakes that others already made?

CME Group, formerly known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc., is the world’s leading derivatives marketplace with 2570 full time employees and a market capitalization of over $15B. At CME Group we have developed a highly modular web application that monitors the state of the exchange and the market, using everyday frameworks and some custom coding, and we would like to share our experience. This talk will touch architecture through development and agile process.

Topics will include:

* How we modularized/architected our application
* The benefits of modularity that OSGi has brought
* Problems we encountered and how we solved them
* The deployment and development process
* How our developers are coping with OSGi
* Live session of the tooling
* Code examples
* Basics and hacking of the MANIFEST.MF

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Time slot: 
29 March 11:00 - 11:45
Lake Thoreau


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