Eclipse SDK's Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years

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Standard [35 minutes]

In honour of the Eclipse Project's recent 10th birthday, this talk will look back on ten years of Eclipse from the perspective of the code that makes up the Eclipse SDK. We will dive into some of the most interesting data structures, algorithms, and programming techniques employed by the Platform, JDT, PDE, and Equinox over the years. Did you ever wonder how the workspace efficiently computes resource change events, how the Java builder tackles the problem of incremental compilation, or how SWT does platform-specific programming in Java? How does PDE convert the complex OSGi class lookup order into a linear classpath for the compiler, and how does p2 handle the NP-Complete problem of satisfying install dependencies? This talk will briefly explain these programming problems and how they were solved in the Eclipse SDK code base.

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Eclipse Platform/Eclipse 4
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