Eclipse GUI Testing in the Cloud (presented by Xored)

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Sponsored [35 minutes]

Tools like Xored Q7 changing Eclipse GUI testing landscape. Nowadays small teams or individual developers are able to create and maintain huge GUI/functional test bases with minimal efforts, but another problem arises: GUI tests are slow, and test suites execution time grows to hundreds of hours on a single box.

In this session, we will demonstrate Q7 Cloud, a new service from Xored Software, which let you run GUI tests for your Eclipse-based Applications in the Cloud distributing tests execution among dozens of virtual machines. Q7 Cloud is the next step helping teams to be agile. Instead of building expensive infrastructure to support Continuous Integration and Delivery, teams can forward UI testing phase to the Cloud and back with zero-configuration efforts, gaining unprecedented ROI -- just paying a small fraction of a cent per test executed without other investment in software, hardware, and administration.

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27 March 16:15 - 17:00
Lake Anne


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