Eclipse Code Recommenders - Code Completion on Steroids

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Standard [35 minutes]

Do you still read source code to learn how to use an API?

The Eclipse Code Recommenders Project was created in early 2011 to tread new paths on how the next generation of IDEs could enable developers to share knowledge with each other over their IDEs and to improve tools like code completion, code-search, and even to enrich existing documentation by leveraging the knowledge of the masses.

Since it's inception in January 2011 the project made amazing progress. Many tools have been developed such as:

* Intelligent (context-aware) Code Completion,
* Mined & crowd-sourced Code Templates Completion,
* Extended API Documentation platform, and
* Code snippet search engines.

This talk introduces Eclipse Code Recommenders. In an interactive, DemoCamp like fashion, we'll demonstrate its potential to support you and your team on your daily work and how to setup your own knowledge base for your own products.

This talk targets on developers, team leads, and CTOs. It aims to familiarize you with the ideas of Code Recommenders, to interactively demonstrate the current state-of-the-art, and provides perspectives how to leverage the knowledge of the masses for your products in your own company.

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