DSLs for Java Developers With Xtext

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Programming is great fun. Doing so in your own programming language even more so! Seriously, inventing yet another general purpose programming language is rarely a good idea. However, as you can imagine, Java isn't the best choice in every case either. A small language well-suited to solve a specialized task concisely can improve the productivity of a whole team by orders of magnitude.

In this hands-on tutorial you'll learn how easy it is to create a highly expressive, statically typed domain-specific language with the help of the Xtext framework (http://www.xtext.org). The good news is that you'll end up not only with a fully-functional compiler but also a top-notch IDE as icing. All this and more for free, as in beer.

Starting from scratch you'll create a grammar for a sample language. You'll become familiar with the concise Xtext definition and see which functionality the framework derives from the given information. In the second part of the tutorial, you'll make that language executable. That is you'll implement a compiler on your own. And don't be afraid, no beard required.

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Domain Specific Language
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