DevOps: What it is, and what it means to you

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Standard [35 minutes]

DevOps is growing in importance and visibility, but like most movements, it is not always well-defined. This talk will help provide some context of how DevOps is being interpreted in real business today, including covering the results of a recent survey of the Puppet community on DevOps.

Puppet and its user base have been a part of DevOps since the beginning, so Luke Kanies, the founder of Puppet and Puppet Labs, is uniquely positioned to discuss DevOps and its role in development, operations, and business.

This talk will discuss what DevOps is to most people, what it might mean to you, and importantly, what it isn't. It will delve into how DevOps relates to other movements, like Agile Development, and how it's about both people and business.

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27 March 11:15 - 12:00
Lake Audubon


Agile ALM
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