Continuous Feedback

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Standard [35 minutes]

Build-measure-learn is the essential cycle of improving product from continuous feedback with users and customers. In this talk, I cover experiences with a portfolio of techniques, including joint design reviews (in-person and web-based), storyboarding, rapid prototyping, flash studies intra-sprint, minimum viable product (MVP) releases, private betas, public betas, polling, forums, and telemetry/instrumentation. I use examples, with both positive and negative experiment outcomes, from the development of the Microsoft Visual Studio Product Line (of which I’m the Product Owner). In the talk, I show both how we have used the techniques to groom our product backlog and the virtuous cycle of refining the methods in our process retrospectives and improving the backlog further through these learnings.

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28 March 15:00 - 15:45
Lake Audubon


Agile ALM
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