Composing a Runtime

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Standard [35 minutes]

Hundreds of thousands of downloads for RCP, RAP, Equinox, BIRT, and the other projects that make up EclipseRT, are proof that Eclipse is now an established runtime technology. In fact, at every EclipseCon the community presents even more exciting areas like Space Missions or Railroad Networks.
But, to harness this versatility you have to overcome a painful Achilles. That is, when you decide to compose a runtime that meets your specific needs, you also need to find your way through a jungle of websites, repositories and wikis - until now.
This talk will introduce you to the EclipseRT Package and its Tooling which will be part of the Juno Release. With the package as a starting point, we will show you how you can compose a custom runtime using intuitive provisioning methods. Then we will show you how to install your custom Eclipse Runtime to an arbitrary Cloud Service in less than 5 minutes. Finally, we will demonstrate two methods for provisioning custom OSGi bundles. In the first instance we will install bundles using a powerful console extension. The second method we will show is how to push them to the Remote Runtime from within the Workbench.

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