Code Coverage Revised: EclEmma on JaCoCo

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Standard [35 minutes]

Code coverage analysis has become a standard software quality metric in many projects. This talk will provide an overview about the latest tools and integrations, in particular the new version 2.0 of the Eclipse code coverage plug-in EclEmma.

When the EclEmma plug-in was created five years ago it was basically a graphical user interface for the EMMA code coverage tool. Over the years this backend tool more and more became the bottleneck concerning missing features, technical limitations and also performance. This was the reason why the small EclEmma team started working on a new code coverage library called JaCoCo.

In the meantime JaCoCo has been widely adopted by the Java community and has integrations for several tools like Ant, Maven, SBT, Sonar or commercial products like GUIDancer. And finally also EclEmma 2.0 is now backed by the new JaCoCo library. Beside new feature like branch coverage analysis this comes with several benefits, especially for developers of Eclipse plug-ins and OSGi bundles.

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