Ceylon - the language and its tools

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Standard [35 minutes]

Ceylon is a new programming language for the JVM which was recently released on http://ceylon-lang.org with Eclipse based tooling available from day one.

This talk will introduce you to the goals and some of the features of the language while showing the features of the Eclipse based IDE.

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/maxandersen/ceylon-the-language-and-its-tools

Ceylon is a programming language for writing large programs in a team environment. The language is elegant, highly readable, extremely typesafe, and makes it easy to get things done. And it's easy to learn for programmers who are familiar with mainstream languages used in business computing. Ceylon has a full-featured Eclipse-based development environment, allowing developers to take best advantage of the powerful static type system. Programs written in Ceylon execute on the JVM.

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