Building a Plug-and-Play Application Development Platform for the Car of the Future (Grand Ballroom DEFG)

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Keynotes [1 hour]

Automobiles are rapidly getting smarter and more connected.  As a result, they represent an exciting new frontier for software developers. These mass market mobile devices(!) are now becoming platforms for innovation and attracting the attention of companies large and small.

Ford Motor Company and Bug Labs are currently co-developing a new in-car research platform called OpenXC. This unique project is a world first and combines open source hardware/software components and aims to transform the car into a plug-and-play application development platform. Potential enablers to the system include the OSGi framework and an integrated development environment, called Dragonfly, that's based on the first-class tools provided by Eclipse.

This talk explains how developers can leverage the OpenXC tool set to take advantage of this emerging new trend and collaborate with Ford and Bug Labs to explore the possibilities this new platform enables.

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