Building Mobile Apps with RAP?

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Standard [35 minutes]

Is RAP a good fit for mobile applications? RAP as you know it uses HTML5 for rendering the user interface. But in our experience, browser-based apps still feel a bit clumsy on current mobile devices. So we went a step further and enabled native clients to render SWT-based UIs on mobile devices.

With its new JSON-based communication protocol, RAP is not restricted to browser clients anymore. Alternative RAP clients can now be implemented for any network-enabled device that can process JSON. At EclipseSource, we're developing RAP clients for iOS and Android that use the native widgets of the device.

In this talk, we'll introduce the new communication protocol and share our ideas and experience with building native mobile clients and applications for these new clients.

Doubts? Come and see for yourself - we'll present an example application running on iPhone, iPad, and Android, using our client implementations.

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28 March 13:30 - 14:15
Lake Thoreau


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