Automatic remote project synchronization using Git

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Standard [35 minutes]

Eclipse development works great when your projects are located on a local workstation or laptop. There is also exemplary support for version control systems such as CVS, Subversion, Git, etc., to deal with source code located in remotely controlled repositories. However, in many environments where Eclipse is now being used, there are clear benefits to be obtained from the ability to compile, execute and debug the application under development on a remote system. Unfortunately, Eclipse does not handle this situation very well. To overcome this limitation, the PTP project has added a new framework that allows projects to be automatically synchronized with copies located on one or more remote systems, and then be built remotely. Launching and debugging can be managed through a number of services provided by different projects. The first implementation of this framework uses Git to manage the project synchronization and a remote builder based on the CDT build system, and has proved an effective, fast, and transparent technique for server-side development. This talk will discuss the new synchronization framework and show how it should work with virtually any type of project. We will describe the limitations of the existing approaches to supporting remote projects, and present our work to date on the implementation of a new Git synchronization provider.

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